10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Coffee Lovers

If you're looking for the perfect gifts for coffee lovers, you've come to the right place! Well-Bean has compiled some of the best gifts for coffee lovers on today's blog and we're excited to share them with you! Let's get started. Here is our list of 10 of our favorite coffee Christmas gifts. 

1.   Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup - We cannot get enough of these collapsible coffee travel mugs. If you know someone that loves making coffee at home but is always on the go, these travel tumblers would make a great gift.
2.   Well-Bean Coffee Sampler Packs - Our coffee sampler packs are a great way to taste test all of our craft coffees. There is a coffee sampler pack for all coffee preferences. We have a full 9-pack coffee sampler, an essential oils coffee sampler, and light, medium, or dark roast coffee sample packs. Each sample pack makes a full pot of coffee!
3.   Manual Coffee Grinder - A manual coffee grinder is another great gift for a coffee lover on the go because no power outlet is needed. It's always great for the early risers who don't want to wake up the rest of the household. If you know someone who loves buying whole bean coffee and grinding at home, this gift is a must. It's perfect for all coffee brewing methods like the French Press and Pourover. 
4.   "Bring Me Coffee" Funny Sock Set - If you know a coffee lover that is always up for a good laugh, grab these "bring me coffee" funny socks. 
5.   Well-Bean Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip Combo - Our Well-Bean scoop can measure each cup of coffee perfectly. The coolest part is that it is also a bag clip, so the bag of coffee always stays closed and fresh from oxygen. It's always great for the coffee lover who tends to lose everything. They can clip it to the bag and always know where it is!
6.   Reusable K-Cups - These reusable K-Cups are great for the environmentally friendly coffee lover in your life. Forget the plastic k-cups that have been sitting on the shelf. Snag these reusable ones and a bag of Well-Bean coffee for the perfect combo gift! It's as easy as scooping freshly ground coffee into the K-Cup and following the usual single-serve coffee process. 
7.   Coffee Bean Shape Ice Cube Tray - These styling ice cube trays are ideal for the coffee lover who loves their cold brew coffee or serves up iced coffee on the daily. Watered-down coffee be gone. Pour coffee into these adorable coffee bean ice cube trays and have them ready for the next cup of coffee. 
8.   Coffee Frother - Who doesn't love a good frothy coffee? A coffee frother is a great holiday gift idea for the wannabe barista in your life. 
9.   Coffee Syrup Set - We get it, not everyone likes to drink black coffee. No judgment here. Coffee syrups are perfect for those who like their caramel macchiatos, vanilla lattes and love to get creative at their at home coffee bar. 
10. Well-Bean Coffee Gift Card - And last but not least, Well-Bean coffee subscriptions make AMAZING holiday gift ideas. Purchase a Well-Bean digital gift card and share the joy in your coffee lover's stockings. They can choose what coffee they want delivered to their door and how often, with love from you. 
So tell us, what gift is at the top of your list this holiday season?

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