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Well-Bean is a woman-owned business without the snooty attitude. We build other women up and cheer them on. We embrace our hot mess moments and pat ourselves on the back when we slay the day. We’ve designed coffee that empowers people to be better and do better. That’s why we’re excited to inspire your career aspirations and entrepreneur mindset through other coffee lovers with big dreams.

So, go ahead and pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee...we’ll wait! Then, come on back and be inspired by our latest coffee-loving babe.

Meet Anna

Anna is a North Carolina native, marketing guru, and lifestyle blogger based in Raleigh. Like all of us, Anna LOVES her coffee! She loves it so much that she even decided to create The Coffee Table blog!  She keeps it fun with coffee posts and topics such as local tips, travel and lifestyle. We sat down with Anna and got the scoop of her success, obstacles she overcame to get where she is today and of course she shared her must-haves when it comes to coffee!

  1. We love the idea of coming together around the coffee table to talk about all of life's simple pleasures. What do you hope visitors of The Coffee Table blog will leave with when they visit? I always hope visitors leave feeling more excited and zealous for life than they did before. I find so much happiness from the small moments and simple pleasures in life. I hope to remind people to look around them and find those petite joys to be grateful for.
  2. You've done an amazing job building your brand and really building a connection with your audience. If you could give 3 pieces of advice to others hoping to become an entrepreneur, what would they be? Share what YOU are passionate about, show your true personality, and focus on serving + getting to know the customers/followers you have instead of focusing so much on growth.
  3. What would you say has been the biggest obstacle in becoming a blogger and how did you overcome it? Worrying about what friends, family, and coworkers might think of my content. It's easy for me to not worry about what strangers think, but I found myself scared to post many times because I was worried about not being supported by my circle. You have to remind yourself that if someone is not supporting your dreams, then maybe they're not the best to surround yourself with. I have had to lean on myself to find what feels right instead of worrying so much about what others might think.
  4. What do you think five-year-old Anna would say about the person you are today?  Little Anna was a mega fashionista, so she would think I'm super cool. Cooler than I really am. She would also be proud of my closet and shoe collection hahaha. My life definitely does not line up with what I thought 24 year old Anna would be doing, but I still feel good with what I have accomplished. 
  5. What's your go-to coffee order? Either a cold brew with a pump of seasonal syrup, an iced americano, or an iced oat milk latte with a lavender, cinnamon, or rosemary syrup.

Make Coffee Like Anna

Here’s our suggested coffee flavors based off of Anna’s favorite coffee drinks!

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