How to Rid Your Drip Coffee Maker of All Those Germs!

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. It’s hard to ignore the heavenly sound that brews through your drip coffee maker every morning. The result is a warm, luscious cup of great-tasting coffee. 

Except… there may be something hiding within the magic of that cup. It’s called mold. 

We bet that if you’re holding a cup of that goodness right now, you just cringed, didn’t you? We certainly aren’t here to ruin your coffee drinking experience. We’re coffee lovers too! Every morning we savor our long sips before the day begins when we roast and package your coffee and get it ready to ship right to your door. 

Ask yourself this very serious question. When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? If you can’t remember, chances are it’s been too long. Thank goodness you came across this blog! We’re going to teach you how to clean your drip coffee maker the right way

Forget those store-bought cleaning solutions. Toss your vinegar to the side and reach for a more natural cleaning solution: lemon juice. 

What you’ll need

  • 1 part lemon for every 1 part water. Our magic number is 16oz of each. 

What to do next

  • Pour the water and lemon mixture into your reservoir and let sit for 10-15 minutes. This will help to release all that build-up that happens when water sits in there for long periods.
  • Place a filter in your coffee maker and let your lemon mixture brew into your coffee pot

Get ready to be amazed, or slightly grossed out, the choice is yours. All that grime, limescale, mold, and leftover coffee that’s been sitting in your coffee maker is about to come out. You may have to repeat this process again.

Once you feel that the lemon juice has done its job, run a couple of brews with just water to fully clean out that yummy lemon flavor. Which of course tastes great infused into coffee beans like our First Crack Infused, but leftover lemon juice after cleansing all that grime, probably not so much.

You’ll want to clean your coffee maker with lemon juice every 6 months or so to prevent mold and all that build-up.

It’s pretty simple and we’ve detailed the whole process in a hilarious and witty YouTube video! Hey, we’re Well-Bean Coffee Roasters, would you expect anything less?

Take a look and don’t forget to drop us a line if you use the lemon juice cleaning method. We want to hear how it goes!

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