How to Craft the Perfect French Press Coffee

Have you ever truly experienced a connection with your coffee? You might think we’re crazy for asking that question.

“Of course I feel a connection with my coffee. Every morning when I take that first sip.”

That may be true, but a true connection and appreciation for coffee doesn’t happen with the touch of a button. It happens when all of your senses get to take in your love of coffee. That’s where the French Press brewing method comes in!

Normal drip brewing is satisfying and we do it too. But, there is something about the entire process of French Press that changes a coffee lover. From grinding your coffee beans to filtering them before the pour, the experience is rich and savory. There’s a sense of accomplishment and pride in that cup you don’t get with a regular drip-brew.

For those not used to all the moving parts, you’ll be delighted to know that the French Press Method is quite simple and helps to accentuate the flavor of your coffee whether it be lightmedium or dark roast.

In our latest how-to coffee video, our Master Roaster, Nick walks us through the entire process of the French Press technique. From the ideal coffee to water ratio all the way to how to perfect the final pour, you’ll learn everything in this coffee brewing guide to become your very own at-home barista!

Watch below and when you take your first sip we do hope you come back and tell us how AMAZING the taste was!

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