How to perfect cold brew at home

Cold brew is a popular summer drink, but even in fall, sometimes people can't resist a good cold brew coffee!

We are sure that you've seen those words pop up a lot lately, but if you're wondering what exactly is cold brew coffee and why would anyone want to drink their coffee with a chill...keep reading! 

Nick, our expert roaster here at Well-Bean Coffee says the taste of cold brew is quite different than a regularly brewed coffee. You'll notice that it's more mellow when it hits your taste buds. The final product is sweeter and smoother. Cold brew is less acidic with a little less bite. 

"Many people who don't drink coffee black, can drink cold brew black and they swear by it," Nick says. 

But, making cold brew is more than pouring your freshly brewed coffee over ice. For all the details on why cold brew coffee should be your go-to drink this summer and how to make delicious cold brew at home, be sure to check out Nick's video below! 

Coffee pairing ideas for cold brew:

Hot Mess


Boujee Blend

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